Everything has its price


Visited you - costs 100 .-
next visit - again 100 .-
pictures taken - 200 .-
bad fotos retake fotos - again 200 .-
first draft - 300 .-
visiting you again - 100 .-
etc. etc. etc.
The first thousend is gone and you haven't seen anything...

Don't worry, we don't deal with nonsense and daylight robbery like that.
Bevor you place an order with us, we negotiate about the expenses that may occur for you, or you tell us how much you are willing to invest in your web site. We will submit you an offer what you will get for your investment.

Prices for web sites are as different as the opinions about a design of a web site.

Geld We think a price that acts only in accordance with the number of pages of your internet presence are unrealistic because there are lot more facts the price depends on.
Before we talk about money we should consider together, how your web site is supposed to look like. Geld After the developement of a concept, that matches your ideas we will submit you an precise offer.

These preparations won't cost you anything!

You are interessted in your own web site? Don't hesitate to contact us - preferably by Email. We are shure to submit you an offer that will satisfy your demands.